"First, let me say that I love my glasses. I seriously got carded when I asked for a senior discount at a movie theater (I'm 64 and have been of legal age for two years). The girl at the counter said, 'What senior ticket, there are no seniors here' -- I was with a couple of grandchildren. Embarrassed, she handed me back my drivers license saying it was my glasses. Such a compliment to your taste in helping choose these glasses."

Dotti T.

"When it comes to eyes--there is no one better than Joy Gibb. For our wiggly kid who won't sit still long enough to eat, let alone be fitted for a pair of necessary glasses, Joy is a like a magician. She has found my daughter pair after pair of glasses over the years that not only look beautiful, but fit her needs perfectly, which is no small feat! She can captivate my child's attention, hone in on what would please and thrill her in a set of glasses, (pink, stars, princess) all the while keeping in mind those important details of size, fit, price, preference, style, optical needs and so much more that mean nothing to a child but so much to mom and dad and to the overall well being of our child. To Joy glasses aren't just about whether or not they "look good", it's about making life better and it shows in her work! What would we do without the "joy" Joy finds in the work she does?"

Rachel H.

"Joy Gibb has serviced our family's eyewear for years and it was a big loss for us personally when her shop was closed. So when she started her mobile service we were thrilled. She will meet you at your convenience and location. (I even met her in a church parking lot once). But the most important thing is she is one of the most knowledgeable dispensers of eyewear in our area. She provides quality eyewear and service. Her expertise, her friendliness and her helpfulness make her an outstanding asset to the eyewear industry."

Trudy P.

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