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Vision Expo East - 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Vision Expo West - 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
American Optometric Association - 2010
Utah Optometric Association - 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012
Idaho Optometric Association - 2006
Opticians Association of Washington - 2008
Walman U - 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Quantum Optical - 2010, 2012
ABO-NCLE National Education Meeting - 2011
Mayo Clinic - 2011
Davis, Duehr Dean Eyecare - 2011
Society of Dispensing Opticians of Kentucky -2011
Luxottica -2012
Heart of America Contact Lens Society - 2012
Salt Lake Magazine article on UV Protection


A 12-Point Primer on Polarized Lenses (1 hour) - Over the last several years, polarized lenses have become a popular option in plano and prescription sunwear. In fact, polarized lenses are fast becoming a standard option in sunwear. Along with this popularity comes the need to understand how these lenses work as well as the features and benefits they bring to the wearer. This 12-point primer on polarized lenses is designed to prove the eyecare professional with what they need to know about these important ophthalmic lenses.

Best Practices for a Staff Meeting (1 hour) - Staff meetings can be used as a developmental tool in training, team building, communication, and boosting sales and service. But the reality is staff meetings are usually disappointing at best. There are specific ways you can make your next staff meeting more effective, enjoyable and productive. The ideas presented in this course will help eye care professionals have staff meetings that are productive and beneficial for everyone involved.

Conflicts - Avoiding Them, Resolving Them (1 hour) - Most people don't like conflict and will usually avoid it at all costs. But when dealing with the public chances are pretty good there are going to be conflicts. This course will explain techniques to avoid conflicts and explore ways to diffuse conflicts once they've occurred.

Extraordinary Customer Service Models (1 hour) - Customer service can often be the key to retaining loyal customers and increasing word of mouth referrals. This course will explore the business cultures of some well know businesses and how they excel in superior customer service and how eye care professionals can incorporate some of these companies' tips and tricks into their own practices.

Fourteen Service Behaviors...There's A Lot More To It (1 or 2 hour) - Quite often, the service experienced in your office is what keeps a patient coming back to your practice. This course is designed to help practice staffs offer better customer service, which will in turn create a more loyal customer.

Attendees will learn fourteen service behaviors that when implemented will create a pleasant environment for patients and staff alike.

How To Motivate, Reward, & Retain Employees (1 or 2 hour) - Employees can generate sales, handle difficult technical problems, and make important decisions that will affect your practice; and top performing employees are the keys to the success of your business. Recruiting and training new staff can become expensive and burdensome at best. Practices who can retain loyal and productive employees will find improved customer service and rapport, increased sales, and better morale amongst staff. This course will give the attendee ideas on ways to build the team concept by motivating and rewarding employees, which can in turn help retain employees.

Latest Trends in Performance Sunwear (1 hour) - Being up to date on the latest trends of the industry is a key element to being a respected and sought after eye care professional. This course will present attendees with the latest trends in performance sunwear including lens materials, treatments, and frame designs.

Low Cost, High Return Marketing and Merchandising (2 hour) - When structuring their budgets, many business owners might consider the category of merchandising and marketing as frivolous and expendable expenses. But merchandising should be considered a critical element of effective retailing and history has shown that companies who continue to market during economic slow times are usually those that emerge first when the tide turns. This course will help attendees make wise and effective marketing choices without breaking the bank, as well as explore the basic rules of creating displays to create eye appeal and evoke a desire to purchase, and how to merchandise products and services without spending a fortune.

Making Customer Service Magical (2 hour) - Disney is notorious for exceptional customer service and their models are not exclusive to theme parks. By implementing some of Disney's customer service standards, your practice can elevate its customer service, and in turn, improve patient satisfaction, patient loyalty, and the work environment. This course offers suggestions for enhanced customer service at various points of contacts with patients

Making Frame Vendors and Laboratories Your Business Partners (2 hour) - This course is designed to help the eyecare professional discover programs offered by a variety of frame vendors and laboratories that will help them increase revenue within their practice. It will help the ECP in establishing the need for responsibility from the representatives in financial success for everyone involved. ECPs will find ways to improve merchandising, education of staff, and improve marketing for little to no cost by creating a working relationship with their frame vendor and laboratory representatives.

Management Madness or Management Mastery? (2 hour) - Did you grow up thinking, "I want to be a manager?" Did you see yourself being the leader of a group of people, whose performances directly impact the success of a business? Whether you're new to a management position, or if you've been managing for a while, there are tips you will hear in this course that will help you feel confident and accomplished in your job. While there are days that can be challenging as a manager, there can be more days that can be rewarding when you learn a few secrets of the management world.

Merchandising Magic: Increasing Attention - Increasing Profits (1 hour) - Many of the three "O"s don't take a merchandising class along the path of their education. There are certain aspects and elements of merchandising, which if followed, will help spark interest in the practice and the products being offered. This course will cover some basic ideas of merchandising principles that will help dispensaries and offices attract attention to their products and in turn increase their profits.

My Top Five Tips for Increasing Multiple Pair Sales (2 hour) - Everyone should want to increase multiple pair sales. Multiple pairs can increase patient satisfaction with better vision and increase revenue. What are some of the obstacles you face in selling multiple pairs? Do you feel too pushy? Do you feel the patient can't afford it or that they don't need more than one pair? Do you feel you can't adequately communicate with the patient the reason they need multiple pairs? We'll tackle ways to overcome these obstacles and give eye care professionals ideas they can implement in their practice.

Pediatric Dispensing (2 hour) - Fitting children with eyewear can be one of the most rewarding yet most challenging opportunities in dispensing. It takes great communication and listening skills, special fitting techniques, and patience in dealing with both the children and their parents. This course will offer tips and suggestions in fitting children's eyewear and communicating the benefits of specific features and expenditures to parents. In addition, this course will also explore some conditions you may encounter with your pediatric patients and some useful recommendations you can make in the dispensary.

Sell Is Not a Four Letter Word (2 hour) - Opticians are a mix of medical knowledge, technical information, and retail salesmanship, but we tend to be most uncomfortable with being sales people. Being able to blend the medical and technical aspects of eye care with the ability to sell means increased revenue and job security without compromising customer satisfaction. This course will help eye care professionals become more confident in their selling skills by developing better communication and sales skills with customers.

Selling More Sunglasses (1 hour) - All eyecare professionals want to be successful in selling sunwear to their patients; however statistics show we are typically one of the least utilized sources for sunwear purchases. This course will explore techniques that can be utilized to increase awareness, the desire to purchase, and the sale of sunwear - both prescription and non-prescription.

Sunwear Sales Strategies From Top Retailers (1 hour) - Selling can be a real talent, and like any talent, it requires learning certain skills from others who are proficient at what you want to do. This course will explore the strategies and strengths of some of the sales industries strongest and most consistent performers. Learn how the big corporations effectively sell and how you can implement their strategies in your own practice.

Techniques for Driving Sales (1 or 2 hour) - Do you feel like your sales team becomes stagnate at times? Do ever feel at a loss for how to improve your sales? This course will explore ways to create excitement within your staff and creating opportunities and invitations for you customer to buy.

The Power of Premium Products (1 hour) - The industry now offers better and more technically advanced products than ever before. The eye care professional needs to know how to position these premium products within their practice and how to offer them to customers so they understand the value in purchasing them. This course will explain some of the features of premium lenses, coatings, and frames and suggest ways to promote them at various stages of the patient's visit. In turn practices can see an increase in revenue and customer satisfaction when these products are dispensed effectively.

They've Got It...You Want It...Here's How To Get It (1 or 2 hour) - Many corporations have become well known for their business practices and the ways they've become successful. Often, they become so well known for certain behaviors that they become the standard by which all other businesses are measured. The principles and characteristics of many large corporations hold true for small businesses as well. This course will explore some of the principles of well known, successful businesses and how you can implement them into your practice - regardless of its size.

Tips For Building A Successful Sunwear Practice (2 hour) - Have you ever wondered how to increase sunglass sales in your practice, both prescription and non-prescription alike? This course will guide Eye Care Professionals in how to recommend sunwear at all points of encounter with the patient. It will also suggest ways to develop a marketing plan specific to sunwear sales.

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